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This week, Millbrook is bringing back a week dedicated to cancer. It’s called Go Pink Week. They brought it back this year after a three year break. “It’s a way to let people know what is going on in other people’s lives and to let survivors know that they aren’t alone in their fight.” Ms. Sanders said, “If we could just acknowledge one person and let them know that they’re still thought of even though they’re fighting a battle that they sometimes feel alone in then we’ve done our job.”


One of the baskets that will be raffled off.

All the money the school raises is kept locally in the area for families who are fighting the disease nearby. They have booths set up all week in every lunch to raise money to fight cancer along with prizes. Also for prizes, in the gym, students can throw footballs, shoot half court shot, and get in a batting cage. Anyone can buy t-shirts and there is a raffle for gift baskets and free behind the wheel sessions. It used to be strictly pink for breast cancer but now it’s branched out for all cancers. Students are asked to wear a different color each day this week to recognize a specific cancer.

On Friday, there will be a basketball game where survivors can get in free and are welcomed to attend. The survivors will be recognized with carnations before the game at 5:40. On Thursday, February 4th is when the Coffee House takes place at Millbrook. It’s free admission, and everyone is invited to go. The events start at 7, there will be entertainment early in the night by Millbrook talent. Donations are accepted and there will be refreshments. Wish lanterns will be sold. According to Ms. Sanders, “Wish lanterns are bought for $5 and we set them off at the end of the night.”

The snow break last week really slowed down the fundraiser. Students weren’t prepared for Go Pink week and it shows. People are fighting for their lives and they need help from fundraisers. Participating in Go Pink week can change someone’s life, so bring in money and donate. “We’re just trying to take the big undertaking of thinking outside of our walls and doing something for our community,” said Ms. Sanders.

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