Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XV Review

Final Fantasy XV (FFXV), the newest Final Fantasy game, was released in November 2016 and was an astonishing game produced by Square Enix. FFXV tells

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Final Fantasy XV (FFXV), the newest Final Fantasy game, was released in November 2016 and was an astonishing game produced by Square Enix. FFXV tells the story of Prince Noctis and his friends Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus. The prince and his friends are tasked with ending the war with Nifelheim and set off on their journey toward Altissa. The game begins after the Regalia, the King’s car that was lent to Noctis for his journey, breaks down and Noctis and his friends have to push it to Hammerhead for repairs.

FFXV is a great game. It has a wonderful story and deep characters that are easy to fall in love with, but undebatably the best part of the game is the graphics. FFXV has the best graphics out of any video game ever made. It is breathtakingly beautiful from the scenery to the characters. The graphics definitely make the game because while it’s an amazing story, there are several side quests that deal with exploration and with a world this beautiful, it’s hard to get bored.

FFXV has a wonderful mix of comedy and sincerity which leaves player immersed in the game. Both main and side characters are very personable and players really get to know Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus and fall in love with the characters. All the emotions these characters go through seem real. Besides the three Noctis travels with, the prince meets several other characters, such as Cindy, Iris, Talcott, Dino and Cid. These side characters aren’t a major part of the game, but they are still very well developed.

The main storyline is fairly short; however, there is tons of side content and side quest that make the game huge. These side quests are generally very fun as they allow players to further explore the beautiful world. As players go through the side quests, they get more of the story and meet more characters leading to a better gameplay experience.

The most time-consuming part of the game is driving which can occasionally be boring but also gives players a break from the gameplay. The Regalia is a beautiful car the player has the ability to customize and buy or find upgrades for. Players can choose to manually drive the car as Noctis or have Ignis automatically drive the player to their destination. Driving manually is pretty easy and fun, except it’s little glitchy and cost gil (money) to repair when crashed. For a small amount of gil, players can fast travel instead of driving which is a good option when the player is eager to play more of the game. Players can also listen to music in the car including soundtracks from past Final Fantasy games which is a nice shout-out to fans of the series.

In addition to driving as a break from the gameplay, FFXV also offers a few mini games that are a fun break from the game. Players can play Justice Monster V in different restaurants to earn rewards. Justice Monster V is a pinball-esque game that’s very confusing but also exciting to play. Noctis can also fish which can be boring but some players find it very fun and relaxing. The player can catch a variety of fish using different lures they buy or find throughout the world.

Players can spend the night at campsites or hotels (hotels allow players to earn more experience, but camps are free) to avoid wandering around at night when the demands are out. At the beginning of the game, demands are something to avoid but as the game progress they’re are not a big deal. At campsites, Ignis cooks skill-booting meals for Noctis and his friends. The food always looks mouthwateringly gorgeous. In addition, when the player is resting, they get to scroll through pictures that Prompto has taken of the player. They are a nice recap of what players have done and also a sentimental thing for players completely invested in the game.

The biggest problem with FFXV is that it feels like it’s supposed to be bigger. There are several areas where the world is blocked off by an invisible wall or a line of trees, which is common in a lot of games to prevent players from going off map. The difference in this game is these walls feel misplaced and like the player should be able to explore these areas. There is proof of this in a video on the internet where a player rolled into an NPC (non-playable character) and pushed the NPC into the water. The player then goes into the water and Noctis was programmed to swim, but there is no point in this game where the player could swim without this glitch.

One thing really great about FFXV is that even after completing the main storyline, players can go back and complete all the side quest along with additional quests. There is plenty of post-game content like the ability to explore secret doors in dungeons, fly around in the Type-F Regalia, and do timed quests. After the game is completed, players don’t have to stop playing.

FFXV also has a backstory in the form of a movie where players can get a better grasp on what went on in Insomnia during Chapter 3. The movie is called Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and is a prequel to the game. The movie’s graphics are just as pretty as the game and it is a great movie. Some people claim it’s a little boring, but for players invested in the game, it’s marvelous. Anyone looking for more story should definitely watch the movie.

Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV is a five episode animated series done in a 2D anime style animation. Brotherhood gives more of a backstory for Noctis and how he became friends with Prompto, Gladiolus, and Ignis and how they fit in with his life. Each episode is around ten minutes and it is definitely worth watching.

Final Fantasy XV is full of cheesy humor, beautiful graphics, lovable characters and is a great story to playthrough. Players don’t have to play all fourteen past games to enjoy FFXV because every Final Fantasy game is a different story and this game boots up by saying “for fans and first timers.” Although is has not been confirmed by Square Enix, some are speculating that FFXV will be the last Final Fantasy game. With the more popular Final Fantasy games, Square Enix generally makes a sequel, personally, I hope they do because I loved this game.