Former Pioneer Runs to Victory

The annual New York marathon is the world’s biggest and most popular marathon. This year it took place on November 6. Jillian Pollock, a former Pioneer who is now 27, competed in this year’s race. She did a phenomenal job, finishing 23 overall for women and 1 in her age group of 25-29. Her time was 2:50:06. The 26.6 mile race starts on Staten Island and ends in Central Park.

Not everyone who wants to run can. They have to qualify with a certain time or try for guaranteed entry. The normal application window is from January 21-February 21. Runners who have qualifying times in certain NYRR races in 2016 will have guaranteed acceptance into the 2017 marathon. There are also spots for runners who meet the standards in a non-NYRR race.

There are also opportunities to run for a charity, which would give any runner guaranteed acceptance. The Official Charity Partners for the 2017 marathon will be announced in March. It is a wonderful opportunity to give back to your community through the race. Training programs are also offered to anyone. Each program is tailored to each individual person and their lifestyles.  

The New York marathon website is a wonderful source of information for anyone interested in learning more.

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Anica Moran
Anica is a junior this year. She enjoys reading and listening to music in her spare time.