Fostering the Indie Spirit

Lights! Camera! Action! For the last 3 years the city of Winchester has hosted the Skyline Indie Film Festival. A festival dedicated solely to the spirit of independent film making.  This year the festival promises to deliver once again. This year’s gathering will feature everything from short animated films to heart racing thrillers and even short horror comedies. The occasion will also feature full length films, many of which are world premiers. Who knows, you might even be spectating a future James Cameron in action. The festival has set a stage for aspiring film makers to express their talent and passion with the rest of the world. The venue welcomes and invites student film makers to submit their work for the masses to enjoy. The festival will be held in Old Town, Winchester. It will run from September 8-11. You can buy tickets online at or in person at the Winchester Book Gallery.





About the Author

Alan Cortez
Alan Cortez is an awkward senior at Millbrook High School. His first language is rock n’ roll, and one day he hopes to start his own non-profit organization.