Frederick County Election

On Tuesday, November 3rd, there will be a general election. This off-year election will only feature special ballots for the United States Congress along with gubernatorial and state legislative. There will also be mayoral elections and a few other local officers will be voted in. This is a list of representatives running for office.

House of Delegates 10th District:

Peter C. Rush

Randall Minchew


House of Delegates 33rd District:

Chuck Hedges

Dave A. Larock

Mark D. Anderson



Terrence P. Bahan

A.S. Madigan

L.W. Millholland


Board of Supervisors, Red Bud District:

Blaine P. Dunn

Jason E. Ransom


Soil and Water Conservation Director:

Kitty Hockman-Nicholas

Marietta Cather Walls


For the full ballot go to this website:

Every other position has a single candidate who will automatically become elected once voting ends. Voting students should always be well educated if they plan to vote.



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