Juliette King: From a Chibas to a King

Juliette King is a sophomore at Millbrook High School, whose family has immigrated to the United States from over four thousand miles away. Her paternal great grandfather, Guido Chibas, grew up with his family in Cuba, but the environment was not safe for them, as the communist dictator Fidel Castro was in control at the time. Therefore, Chibas sent all of his family from Cuba to the United States, specifically New York, so they could be safe.

As for him, he became a stowaway on a ship headed for Puerto Rico. From there, he had to take a flight to New York to be with his family again. Since the weather in New York was drastically different than what they experienced in Cuba, Chibas and his family flew down to Florida to experience warmer weather. He then went to Clemson University and got a degree in engineering. His daughter married a man with the last name King when she was older, which is where the family’s name today comes from.

On Juliette’s maternal side of her family, her great grandmother immigrated to the United States from France. When she traveled over she knew none of the English language, and found it hard to adapt to the culture. She had to immigrate because she was pregnant with Juliette’s grandmother, and her husband was fighting in the French War.

Juliette’s name is French, translating to youthful. Once her parents were born, their paths were destined to cross. Her mother went to college in Pittsburgh, and then moved down to Florida for work. There, she met Juliette’s father, whose family had lived there since immigrating to the U.S. When they had children, they decided that the best thing for their family was to move to Washington D.C. Then, when Juliette was three years old, they moved to Winchester, Virginia and have been here ever since.

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