Gideon Kupka – Shock/Caller and Destructo Disk

Destructo Disk taken by Megan Guzik

Gideon Kupka is a determined advocate of the local music scene and is noted for organizing shows, but especially for his involvement in his two bands, Shock/Caller and Destructo Disk. In his opinion, the best part about performing is when people are able to connect with what he writes. The hard-working musician undoubtedly enjoys what he does, always finding ways to contribute to the small community of artists alike.


Shock/Caller at Hopscotch Coffee

Shock/Caller at Hopscotch Coffee

Shock/Caller, Gideon’s first band, has been around for about two years, in which he plays bass and sings. His other band members include guitarists Dan and Chris Fritsch, and Justin Bush on drums. The band varies in genre, ranging from softer sounds like alternative, to heavier styled music like punk, rock, and even metal. Gideon described it as being “some kind of angst-fueled mix.” There are several bands that they’ve been influenced by, including Superhaven, Basement, Helmet, Rage Against the Machine, Primus, and especially Weezer.

Destructo Disk

Destructo Disk is Gideon’s more recent band and has only been around for a year, featuring Danny Roff on drums and Gideon on guitar and vocals. The two bandmates were struck with the idea to start a band during journalism and rushed home to have their first practice. Their sound is focused on mostly punk rock, throwing in minimal amounts of ska/reggae. Their style is derived from Weezer, Turnstile, Descendents, Choking Victim, Blink 182, and all of Tony Hawk soundtracks.
Some of Gideon’s favorite venues are Valley Cat Studios in old town Winchester and the shack in Harper’s Ferry, but he likes the energy of playing at a house show the most. Destructo Disk has an upcoming show at Valley Cat Studios on September 29.

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Laurel Biedrzycki
Laurel Biedrzycki is a junior at Millbrook High School who enjoys writing and angsty music. She sings for her punk band, X-Ray Cat and believes in aliens.