Girls Soccer Team Interview

Mr. Cottino and Mr. Wooley are the soccer coaches this year. Mr. Cottino has been a teacher for four years in Millbrook while Mr. Wooley has been here for nine years. Mr. Cottino graduated from Millbrook High School and came back here to teach and now is currently a gym teacher and Girls’ Soccer coach.

The outlook on this season is fantastic. Mr. Cottino is hoping to have a lot of success with the young talent. Mr. Wooley is also hoping for success. He has said that the team is very positive. Returning this year are students with high skills and solid freshmen support, so the outlook is good.

Student who join soccer are sometimes beginners or returning to play another season. Students who are returning know what to expect, but for the beginners they might not know that academics is connected with playing a sport. Players have to be a good student and passing all their classes in order to participate in soccer. “Before the season started, there are consequences created for missing practices and games or not passing classes,” said Mr. Cottino. Both coaches also said that they expect the players to be good students as well good players or at least try to put effort to become good players. There are also scholarships offered to players such as MPAA and others.

Mr. Cottino described his coaching skills by saying that he tries to teach soccer through technical and tactical practices. Mr. Wooley said that he has high expectations from the players and that he looks for 100% dedication and he also that he is very open-minded and honest and tries to make players into excellent players. The only type of players who will succeed are the ones who work hard and have 100% dedication and for players to be willing to play as unit and not be selfish. The coaches also have incentives set for those players who do better than average. The incentive is the player who gets chosen gets to be captain of the week and gets to have more playing time.

Soccer accepts all grade players so freshmen can also join soccer. Since they are from different grades they all have different motivation. Also the coaches expect players to be self motivated and positive peer pressure is a good motivation. In the past four years, the girls soccer team has only lost one district game and won the rest, except regionals. They came in second last year.