Good Bye Ms. Morissette

Next year Ms. Morissette is retiring early and next year, she will be going to Cuenca, Ecuador. She and her husband will be staying in an extended stay hotel that they visited last summer when they were doing field work. They will stay in the hotel for about a month and while they are there they will be looking for an apartment.

She worked at Millbrook for 12 years. She was a career switcher, but this was the first time she had ever taught. She taught cooking and interior design, which are two special interests of hers. According to Ms. Morissette, “I really really like my job, I like it a lot, I mostly have seniors and I like it when you guys are old because you are feisty and can take a joke and we have a lot of fun.”

She enjoyed teaching at the high school level and teaching in general but when she was given this opportunity she had to take it. As far as what she won’t miss when she leaves, she said, “getting up at 6:20 a.m., grading papers, Edline, cafeteria duty, having to dress up if I don’t want to, having to pay to wear jeans, but really those are just petty things. I really have enjoyed my job here.”

What she really enjoyed was “feeling like you’ve really made a difference to students and I really like knowing that I’m teaching skills that you absolutely will need again.” She also said that after she has been in Ecuador for a while she and her husband have other places they would like to visit such as India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Europe. She also plans on trying to return to the United States at least a couple times a year.

She is funding her trip with her retirement money and will also be funding it with the new online business she and her husband are starting. Her only worry about this trip is that she doesn’t know much Spanish, but she said, “Oh well guess I’ll change that.” Her advice to the teacher that will take her place is, “keep it fun, you know, if you feed them they will come, but you have to have a good time as well.” Good luck Ms. Morissette.