Goodbye Ms. Steblein

Originally from Buffalo, New York and a teacher for 36 years, biology teacher Ms. Steblein will be retiring at the end of this semester.

Ms. Steblein will be moving to Charleston, South Carolina with her husband to be closer to her sons. She said that she is most looking forward to “laying on the beach and reading books.” She previously lived in Charleston for ten years and is excited to go back to the “gorgeous” city and enjoy the weather, and she hopes she will have many colleagues visiting her. However, she will miss Winchester’s “close knit” community and said, “the kids are really, really pretty good kids on the most part.” Her favorite memory of teaching at Millbrook has been the insect collections and how she got to watch her students dread it, then see it evolve into the family and community involvement the project creates.

Having taught in some “horrific” inner-city schools, Ms. Steblein said that her secret to being a good teacher, and her advice to the teacher replacing her, is “respect your students and they will respect you.” She said that her advice for her students was “probably the exact flip of the teacher advice.” She said, “I think respect is very important in teaching. I haven’t had any major issues because of respect, and I think we’re losing it in today’s world.” She also prides herself in having never told a student to shut up, even though she said she has heard it from both teachers and students.

Ms. Steblein said that instead of bugs, which would be hard to find this time of year, she would like it if students brought her cookies as going away presents. “Cookies are my favorite,” she said. “I love cookies.”

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  1.' Mrs. Steblein | December 10, 2016 at 9:22 pm |

    I enjoyed the wonderful article you wrote about me. Continue to work and and follow your dreams. Good things come to those that work hard.

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