Rachel Meyer, aka grav3yardgirl, is an American youtube vlogger. Most people call her Bunny, and she is 30 years old. Bunny’s birthdate is August 3rd, 1985. She first started her channel as a Paranormal Video Blog, however she makes vlogs related to beauty and fashion now. Bunny used to design clothes before a car accident which caused her to loose the ability to sew.  Bunny is going to be a part of the judging panel at the 4th annual NYX FACE Awards.
Bunny is well known for her “Does This Thing Really Work?!” video series. She takes an ‘As Seen On TV’ product and tests it out and reviews it. She says that she is not paid to promote those products and is doing the reviews for the enjoyment of her viewers. Bunny has multiple series on her channel and posts about three to five videos a week.

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Sabrina Castillo
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