Halloween 2016

Halloween has been a tradition for many, many years. However, communities seem to make it different each year. From the costumes they wore to the spooky decorations they put on their houses, this year was no exception. However, there did seem to be some repetition in the costumes. Some girls (and on rare occasion, guys) dressed up as Harley Quinn, the female protagonist in the movie “Suicide Squad”. Others were seen wearing various clown costumes, mainly to get some laughs, some to get screams. With the recent “occurrences” that happening with clowns, many people were skeptical of the clown’s’ actions this Halloween. Fortunately, everyone was safe and it was a fun Halloween that everybody was able to enjoy.

About the Author

Collin Boyer
Collin Boyer is one of the coolest sophomores to ever exist. His main hobbies persist of playing guitar and sleeping.