Handling the Heat

Everyone knows that summers in Virginia are known for the treacherous heat they bring seasonally. The heat the summer brings can be a real pain if you don’t know how to properly handle it. Here are some tips to beat the heat.

The most important thing to do is drink a lot of water. Water is good for your body and can prevent dehydration and nausea. Water is not only for drinking though. One can spend their time at public swimming pools; cooling off in the cold waters.

Another smart idea is to wear light clothing. Don’t wear big black jackets, but instead wear lighter clothing so the sun doesn’t absorb the heat.  

The last idea to handle the heat is stay in the shade when outside. It’s alright to spend some time playing in the sun but try to assign some time to sit down and relax in the shade to cool down. It’s a smart idea to give to the body some time to cool down after being in the sun.

About the Author

Luke Rangel
Luke is a junior at Millbrook. Luke enjoy's listening to awful music, "playing" the guitar and what's the point of being in a punk rock band without your best friend?