Happy Halloween from the BlueXpress

The word “pun” is hidden in five of the spooky words. If you can find all five, stop by room 449 during your study hall for a prize.

Spiders have spun their webs, the skeletons have risen, the witches are brewing their special concoctions, this Punday we will celebrate 2,000 years of Autpun tradition with the holiday known as Halloween with puns of candy, skelepuns, punkins, costumes and other fun things. No doubt that this year there will be lots of kids dressed up as Punkémon and punrates getting lots of Reese’s Punnut Butter Cups. We here at the BlueXpress wish you a very Happy Halloween.

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Gwen Zirkle
Gwen Zirkle is the Junior Editor at the BluXpress. She works in the videography department writing scripts, being in videos, and making sure everyone is on task; and as a writer writing reviews and articles. She plans to be an author and go to college for her English major.