Harry Potter Should Die

Harry Potter Should Die

I’ll start this off by saying I don’t hate the Harry Potter series. It’s actually quite the opposite, I love the seven books and eight movies. I have

Harry Potter Should Not Die
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I’ll start this off by saying I don’t hate the Harry Potter series. It’s actually quite the opposite, I love the seven books and eight movies. I have grown up watching and reading the books throughout my childhood. I was even at one point obsessed with Harry Potter. I really enjoyed the world, characters, and story lines that J.K Rowling crafted. Every book and movie were all equally fantastic and in no way whatsoever was there a bad or rotten film or book. Walking out of the movie theater after seeing the “Deathly Hallows Part Two”, I thought was the perfect way to wrap up the franchise, bring closure to the characters and end a perfect story. I thought then that Harry Potter was completely done…but I was wrong.

Now this is where I start to hate the franchise. It was inevitable that Warner Brothers would milk the Harry Potter Franchise for all it’s worth. The eight films and seven books combined have made billions and billions of dollars, so it’s safe to say that Warner Brothers Studios can make a profit off Harry Potter. J.K. Rowling was the first author in history to become a billionaire by writing books. Harry Potter has a humongous following and fanbase. These eager fans were dying for another movie or book and Warner Brothers Studios were happy to make another movie that will make a billion plus dollars profit for the studio.

First, a play was released called “The Cursed Child-Parts 1 and 2” which is a continuation of the Harry Potter series. It was being played across England and the States and is being sold as a book as well. And on November 18, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” hits theaters. I personally believe that those are both cash grabs by the studio. Warner Brothers is just trying to make another billion dollar franchise. Ever since the Harry Potter series and the Dark Knight trilogy wrapped up, Warner Brothers have been frantically looking for a new franchise. The D.C Universe is doing okay but not as well as Warner Brothers would like. So they wanted to revive a known franchise that will make tons of money. They are just going to squeeze the Harry Potter franchise for every last cent that it’s worth.

Harry Potter was a great example of a story that spanned over someone’s adolescence. It had a beginning, a middle and an end. They should just leave it alone and not ruin it. Warner Brothers’ only intention is to make a profit and not to craft a compelling story. They will probably add fan service to the film but that is not necessarily a good thing. Just watch Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I wish that they would just leave Harry Potter alone. I love all the mythology and characters, but Harry Potter has ended and instead of making another reboot/franchise, Warner Brothers should pursue more original projects.  

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