Holidays + Commercials = Stable Economy

In the United States, Christmas and/or holiday shopping accounts for 70% of the yearly GDP.  If Americans did not spend the way they did during the holidays, potentially half [or greater] of our gross domestic product would be lost. Losing more than half of our domestic product would deeply hurt our economy. If companies do not have people buy their products, they cannot pay workers or for resources to build the product. If the worker does not get paid, they cannot spend in stores or for basic necessities. Worst case scenario, the worker would then lose their job. Without American spending during the holiday season, a chain reaction of people losing money could arise; therefore potentially causing the collapse of the American economy.

Commercials are necessary to inform consumers of a  company’s product. They are meant to attract and entice a consumer to a product. Ads can be seen anywhere in American daily life. Most commonly ads are seen on television. The importance of television ads to companies is seen each year when they strive to achieve a spot in the NFL’s Super Bowl. Companies spend upwards of 12.4 million dollars to produce the ads and a 30 second ad spot can cost 5 million dollars. Since companies are willing to spend millions of dollars to produce and purchase ads demonstrates how vital ads are to companies’ success in profit.

The Christmas season is also a huge ad season for companies. Ads constantly play advertising deals and productions with a holiday theme. 15.4% of American retailers begin holiday advertisements on October 1. Within the 6:00 news cycle, at least ten or more Christmas ads can be seen, but as an American you have choice. If the commercials upset you, along with many Americans, you can turn your television off; however, if you enjoy or feel indifferent about the commercials, you can leave your television on. No one is forcing anyone to watch anything on television. If something upsets you, you have the option to turn it off. Companies have the right to purchase air time to display advertisements. Society will not always fix and comply to fix something that some find upsetting. To insure that you can have you life of life, liberty, and happiness, it calls for you to pursue it.

About the Author

Abby Varricchio
Abby is a sophomore and a first year member of the BlueXpress. She is involved in writing, videography , and marketing. Abby enjoys politics and hopes to run for Congress one day.