Homecoming Makeup Tutorial



  • Grey or Silver eye shadow (interchangeable with gold, yellow or preferred color)
  • Peach or Pink eye shadow (interchangeable with any color, but the color must be darker than the first color chosen)
  • Silver, White or Gold Loose Glitter Pigment
  • Black Eyeliner of your choice
  • Mascara of your choice




How to create the look:

  1. Either apply your foundation/concealer/eye shadow base or primer on both of your eyelids
  2. Apply your silver or grey eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes (keep layering it up until you achieve your desired look)
  3. Apply the peach or pink eye shadow from middle to the outer corner of your eyelid
  4. Take a blending brush and blend the colors together
  5. Dip your brush in either fix plus from MAC or any face setting spray or water
  6. Take off the excess liquid of the brush by wiping it on a tissue
  7. Dip the brush into your loose glitter pigment and apply it all over your silver/grey/gold eye shadow (apply more if desired)
  8. Apply eyeliner and mascara based on your preference