Hopscotch: November 20, 2016

Laurel Biedrzycki with X-Ray Cat at Hopscotch Coffee Roasters

On the evening of November 20, Mike Frazier, X-Ray Cat, Swiss Army, and Destructo Disk played at Hopscotch Coffee Roasters, a local coffee shop that was often used as a venue. There were enough people to fill up the room. Mike was the first act and played some of his songs on acoustic guitar. When he was finished, the local punk band known as X-Ray Cat took the stage. They mostly played some well-known punk songs, but they had also played an original.

The two bands that followed, Swiss Army and Destructo Disk, were spectacular. Swiss Army was a more soft form of the angsty music genre, but they were still very good. They even managed perfectly perform a song by the band known as “Weezer”. Destructo Disk was the final band to perform for the night. They had a very high energy, which was great, mainly because it got the crowd in a very energetic mood as well. The whole gig started and ended with a bang.

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