Hoverbikes: The Aero-X by Aerofex

Los Angeles based company Aerofex is one of the many companies working on making hoverbikes available to the public. Aerofex’s hoverbike, the AeroX, can fly at speeds of up to 45 MPH at an altitude of approximately 10 feet (but they are working on increasing the altitude and speed, as well as other aspects of the hoverbike). So far, it’s carrying weight limit is around 300310 lbs.

According to Aerofex, the AeroX will not only be available for getting to and from a destination, but also for uses such as search and rescue, surveying, delivery, etc. The company has patents in multiple countries such as Japan and China, and of course, the US.

It is available for pre-order starting at $5,000 (refundable) but is expected to be $85,000 full payment once the ending model is released. Training will be needed to drive the AeroX, but the training should only last a single weekend because of the AeroX’s similarities to a motorcycle (It responds to the user’s movement similarly to how a motorcycle does). Maintenance is also expected to be very affordable due to the absence of moving parts aside from the rotors, which are powered by a reliable and durable engine.

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