How to Get Back into the School Routine

How to Get Back into the School Routine

If you're worrying about how to get your body back into the school routine, here are some tips and tricks so you don't feel like a zombie next week

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If you’re worrying about how to get your body back into the school routine, here are some tips and tricks so you don’t feel like a zombie next week

Cheat the clock:

Try to go to bed a bit earlier than normal. Hopefully, you will be able to sleep longer and deeper this way.

Using light:

Our bodies know when we are in light, which means they wake up more because we are notifying our brain that it’s time to get going. Try to get outside after you wake up, either taking a walk or even standing out on your bus stop. This will help wake you up. As for putting you to sleep, try to dim lights around the house at least an hour before bed, and switch off the electronics.


Dr. Neil Stanley, a sleep expert, says, “If you hit snooze, you may go back into deep sleep, which is harder to wake from, rather than the lighter sleep that occurs in the hour before your body naturally wakes up.” You may feel like those extra minutes will help you before you get up and get to school, but it’s just delaying your body and confusing it even more. Get up right when that alarm goes off.

Try to get back into routine:

As much as it may get boring, routines are actually beneficial to our health. Getting back into your old routine from last year will benefit you immensely, and it ways you never even realized.

Limit the electronics:

Electronics emit a blue light that research has proven to trick our brains into thinking it’s daytime, making it even harder for us to get to sleep. Keep your electronics charging away from your bed, and limit using them so close to bedtime.

Find your bedtime snack:

Scientists have found through testing that a glass of milk and handful of Brazil nuts could help improve sleep. Milk has shown to help continuous sleep, and Brazil nuts have been linked to a better night’s sleep. Try some different snacks and see what works to help you fall asleep before school starts, and begin to use those. Try to avoid cheese, butter, salt and drinking too much.

Meal times:

Aim to eat around the same time daily to reestablish that old routine and help your internal clock get back on track. This helps to keep your fixed bedtime.

So as we begin school on Wednesday, be thinking about what your future self will be glad you did in preparation. See you soon!