Indoor Track

Indoor Track is the sport everyone seems to forget about, probably because it is considered a club sport. While the other winter sports were taking team pictures, indoor track was outside running in the cold. Yes, indoor track runs outside, even in the pouring rain and snow. Despite the name, the only part about indoor track that takes place indoors are the meets, and even some of those are outside.

The outdoor competitions are called Polar Bear meets since it is usually a temperature of freezing or below. The first Polar Bear meet was on Friday, December 2 here at Millbrook. The team had some good runs overall, and when asked why she participated in indoor track, Joanne Keenan stated that she does it “to stay in shape for outdoor track, and recover from the cross country season.” Coach Shirk was at the meet and is at most practices running along with the students. He is not paid for coaching indoor track. He volunteers to take the time out of his day to coach during the indoor season.

The team practices every day after school from 3:15 to 4:45. Their training normally consists of a warmup, followed by running the trails behind Millbrook for anywhere from twenty minutes to an hour. Then they do cool down exercises, a core workout, and stretching. If the weather is really terrible outside then they will run in a loop around the halls, but Emily Muldowney said she “would rather run outside in the rain then run inside.”

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Rachel Hayes
This is Rachel's first year in journalism as a writer. She is a junior and enjoys watching or playing sports.