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While Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare may have gotten a bad review from Dylan Boyer, which I agree with, there is one thing about Infinite Warfare that is not bad. And it is zombies. Infinity Ward may have taken the zombies idea from Treyarch, but they added their own spin to it. With the new Call of Duty, they added Infinite Warfare Zombies. Their first map of the game is Zombies in Spaceland. The storyline for Infinite Warfare Zombies involves four up-and-coming actors who are sent to an abandoned movie theatre by famous horror movie director Willard Wyler. While they are there they become the main characters of the story which is set in the 80’s. In the game you have to complete an Easter egg which includes many steps you have to find out yourself, or you can see how far you can survive in the game.

I personally like the entire zombies games from Call of Duty: World At War through the newest addition Infinite Warfare. This is one of the best zombie game Infinity Ward has produced. Although this is not my favorite zombies, it’s like number three on my list. The positives of this game includes the multiple wonder weapons you can make, the large space to play in and the fact the weapons are updated. I would give this game a 8 out of 10 because I like the zombies genre and how it has its own originality by having some of the old zombies things and new things.

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