Into The Unknown Album Review

Bad Religion is one of the most influential punk bands to exist. Most like to consider them as the “Grandfathers of Punk Rock”. They have produced over 15 full length albums over the span of 37 years. However, there is one album that is considered to be their worst album ever conceived; Into The Unknown.

Into The Unknown was released November 30, 1983, produced by Greg Graffin and Brett Gurewitz under Epitaph Records. It was Bad Religion’s second full length LP they released.

The biggest problem with the album has to be the fact that it was released a year after How Could Hell Be Any Worse?. The only reason this is such a problem is because that album was more of a hardcore punk album. Not a whole lot of thought was actually put into the album they wanted to make afterwards. Into The Unknown was more of a progressive hard rock album. This resulted in many fans disliking the album and leaving them in disappointment. To be fair, it’s not that it is a bad album, it’s that it simply isn’t Bad Religion. So much so that when their bass player Jay Bentley and drummer Pete Finestone heard it, they quit. I don’t think the album is actually too bad, just different. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems with it. My biggest problem is that almost all of their songs sound the same. With the repetitive and tacky believe-in-yourself type lyrics, to the very unappealing sounding synthesizers. However, I do enjoy listening to the songs Billy Gnosis, Chasing The Wild Goose, and It’s Only Over When. The song Losing Generation sounds just like It’s Only Over When and even You Give Up, except not as good. The song Time and Disregard is over 7 minutes long, and as a result, I ended up losing complete interest in the song. My least favorite song has to be The Dichotomy, mainly for its lack of lyrics and boring instrumentals.


To conclude this review, I’d like to give it a 5.6/10 mainly because it does have several songs I actually found enjoyable, however most of the album turned out to be not as such.

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