iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the newest phone Apple has to offer. They have introduced two new phone colors, a matte black and a glossy jet black. This phone is water resistant and it has a new home button. The iPhone 7 has a 17mp camera with optical image stabilization. The front facing camera is 7mp. The iPhone 7 Plus has 12mp wide angle and telephoto cameras. It has optical zoom at 2x and digital zoom at 10x. The screens are 25% brighter. The battery is 2x faster than the iPhone 6. There is a new stereo speaker system and it is two times louder than the iPhone 6s. One massive design change to the iPhone is that they have removed the headphone jack. “I keep forgetting that there is no headphone jack, so whenever I try to put in the aux cord I can’t,” said Gema Nolasco.


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