It’s Becoming a Football Town

The football team has already accomplished many goals this season. This year, the number of Millbrook Football Team’s wins is already higher than the previous two years, and the team is trying to keep it going. Senior Steven Guzman commented, “We are a more experienced team, we use more communication compared to last year, and we are clicking so we just work better.” The team hasn’t made it into the playoffs since the 2012 season, and they hope they can change that reputation this year.

Senior Tre Baylor said, “We are taking the season less lightly from previous years, and that is what is setting us apart from the other teams. Harder practices are starting to show up in the games as well.”

Some of the games this season have helped set the team up for success, whether they were wins or losses. The loss against Woodgrove made the team stronger because, “After a big win, everyone wants to be there for the team, but not always after a loss,” said Athletic Director, Scott Mankins.

Senior Quarterback Mark Paxton said, “This year we know that all we have to do is show up and it’ll be easy to show out.”
Coach Haymore agreed with most of the players when he said, “The team practices and plays like a unit and that’s what we need.”