Meet Jessyka Renaud

Jessyka Renaud is a junior who wishes she could climb walls like a bug she saw one day. Jess is extremely shy and quiet when someone firsts meets her, but is very quirky once someone gets to know her. Most people call her Jess or occasionally Jessy. She is very unprepared for life after high school, all she knows is that she wants to go to college. She plays the trumpet for concert and marching band.
Jess loves dogs and cats. She has two dogs named Lady and Bo. She wants to own kitties, but she is allergic to them. She claims to have a normal life, but she enjoys some nice and weird memes. Jess paints art at home for fun.

About the Author

Sabrina Castillo
Sabrina is a Junior. She loves to listen to music and talking to her close friends.