Jetpack International’s New Jet Packs

The company known as Jetpack International has been developing and improving their H2O2 and H2O2Z Jet packs with increasing strength and speed. The jet packs are fueled by Hydrogen Peroxide, as the name suggests, which is different from most other jet pack technology that’s currently available. The H2O2 and H2O2Z are meant to provide the users of the jet pack to be able to fly at a height of up to 250 ft with a speed of around 77 MPH.

Unlike other jet pack technology that’s out there, both H2O2s are much lighter, more compact, and much easier and simpler to control. While Jetpack International is working on improving both H2O2s, the H2O2Z (the model with higher capacity) as it is now can only stay in flight for about 33 seconds and can only fly for up to a max distance of around 3,0003,300 ft.

So far, the H2O2 and H2O2Z are already looking very promising for the future of jet pack technology. Test flights have overall been successful, and the videos of said test flights are available on YouTube. Just don’t expect to be buying either the H2O2 or the H2O2Z without having a few $100,000 at the ready, and even if you’ve got the money you’ll still need to assemble it yourself. Good thing it comes with instructions.

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