If you don’t know about “Jobama,” you will now. Jobama is the name of a meme you probably think is new, but it’s actually been going on for a couple years.  In case you didn’t know, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are best friends.

These memes revolve around the way modern best friends act, with there being a serious one (Barack) and a silly one (Joe). These memes have spread around America with more than a hundred already created.

In June, President Obama made a video where in it he made a friendship bracelet for Joe Biden. Biden later tweeted a photo of the bracelet for his friend’s birthday. They also made a video where they did a lap around the White House as part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move campaign. While there have been fun memes about this duo, lately those memes have been revolved around the President-Elect Trump.

All in all, the photos have been something for all the Obama lovers in the world to laugh and find joy in after recent events regarding the President’s leave and the election.

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Kacie Clearwater
Kacie Clearwater is a 16 year old Sophomore at Milly B High. She is very outspoken and outgoing. Kacie enjoys writing, photography, astronomy, dying her hair fun colors, and listening to music.