Join Yearbook!

Attention! Yearbook is in need of the students at Millbrook’s help. Yearbook  is a class where students work on different spreads, write articles, and take photos. They also go around learning about the teachers and students and their connection together. Staff members put it all together into a book where both staff and students can look back on their year at Millbrook. “We create all these memories for people,” stated Alyssa Fricke.

“From start to finish, we first think of the theme of the yearbook and what will be the overall idea behind it. Then we choose the different sections that will consist of student life, people, staff, seniors, clubs and sports,” said Logan Apple. The staff comes up with articles that match the content to the yearbook. The photographers go out and take pictures they think will be appropriate to the spread. Staff member go around the school to get people’s quotes and information, fun facts and just anything interesting. The photos are edited and then everything is shipped off for publishing.

To join yearbook, all a student has to do is sign up for it when they do their scheduling. The student then will be interviewed by Mrs. Laffoon. After that, they fill out an application for the course. A good thing to have before joining yearbook is the ability to use Photoshop or a willingness to learn that skill. Though there are not real requirements, being a good writer and having good attendance is a must.

Students will learn publishing skills and understanding the process of what goes into publishing a book. They will also learn writing, photoshop and photography. The benefits of being in yearbook is that a students will get out more and become involved with the school. Colleges and jobs will look at the student’s involvement and see leadership and responsibility.


About the Author

Emily Keller
Emily is a 11th grader. She loves to listen to music in her free time.