Kim to Finland

How would someone feel if they moved away from all their friends and family for 10 months? Ryan Kim is ecstatic to study abroad in Finland for his Junior year. The Rotary Exchange program in Frederick County has given him the opportunity to expand his horizons. The Rotary Exchange program gives students a lifetime experience to visit a foreign country and to embrace a new culture.

One of the challenges of going to a new country is learning the native language. Although they speak English and Swedish, the most abundant language in Finland is Finnish. He has to learn Finnish and needs to present his knowledge of the language for the Rotary Club in Finland. Since Millbrook doesn’t offer Finnish as a foreign language elective, Kim said, “I’m trying to find a language program that isn’t $700.” Ryan must find an affordable method before his departure.

Many people dream of travelling the world but not many fulfill their ambitions. “I’ve always wanted to travel. I’m glad I get the opportunity.” Norway was his first choice, but he wasn’t able to go. Even though Finland is his second choice, he is still very enthusiastic to go. The fee to go to Finland is $3,600.

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Written by:Sabrina Castillo, Anica Moran and Emily Keller

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