Kline Commits to Marian University

Kristen Kline has been doing BMX since she was 8 years old, and it has gotten her a scholarship to a university in Indianapolis, Indiana. Marian University held her signing in Louisville, Kentucky at a race the weekend of February 6. While furthering her education at Marian University, she plans to do well in school, but still balance her training with BMX and participating on the mountain biking team as well.

Kline has a BMX track in her backyard that her step dad built for her so she can practice whenever she needs to. When she was first introduced to the sport, her two older brothers were in their prime and doing well. She saw them excel at a unique sport and wanted to give it a try. At first, she was scared but got used to it the more she practiced.

During her training, she has encountered many injuries including; a broken right collarbone and left elbow at the same time, a broken left collarbone, a broken wrist, and hips that may be a little messed up for a lifetime. While some riders do not use protection, she would rather be safe than sorry and uses g-form protection for her gear.

Out of the many races she’s had to travel to, has won, and has made many memories at, the furthest she has gone is across the nation to California. While many think racing may not include a lot of physical work, they’re wrong. Kristen is always in the gym training, and says “it’s hard to balance both training physically, on the track, and school work.” She rides for a shop based out of Richmond called Powers Bike Shop.

Kline said, “Being able to pursue my dreams in both BMX and academically is amazing. I am so happy to be able to have this opportunity that not many get. Can’t thank my support group and everyone in my corner enough for all they’ve helped me accomplish.”