Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt Hugo Schneider is a 27 year old from Baltimore, Maryland. He graduated from Yale in 2010. He is an American editor, self-taught musician, singer, and songwriter. Kurt mainly makes music videos. He worked with many other singers on Youtube such as Chase Holfelder, Sam Tsui, MAX, Megan Nicole, and Madilyn Bailey.

On Kurt’s channel, there are many videos with Sam Tsui. They have been friends since middle school and they have been collaborating on videos since high school. Kurt and Sam have begun to release their own works since September of 2010.
In 2013. Kurt collaborated with Coca-Cola to create music videos covering Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close” and Of Monsters and Men‘s “Little Talks.” The covers were for a campaign called “The Sounds of AHH.” The commercial edits aired on the debut episode of season 13 of American Idol on January 14, 2014 on FOX.

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