Learning to Lead in a Technical World

Artwork displayed in the TSA case.

TSA, otherwise known as “The Technology Student Association,”  is a growing national organization of students making connections in the STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics)  world.  TSA is available to those who are in a Tech class or have been in a Tech class. TSA’s members amount to  233,000 middle and high school students over just about 2,000 schools over 49 states.


The TSA at Millbrook High School has been running for 14 years, 10 of which are known to be led by Matt Brame, or as you may know him, Mr. Brame who teaches some of the  tech classes at MHS. This year however will be led by Brittany Carper (otherwise known as Ms. Carper, also a teacher for the tech classes in MHS).  


TSA is a good club choice because they decide on what activities they do and participate in, giving everyone an equal voice in deciding that. Some choices however, are made only by their officers. Officers in TSA are students, and the members of the club vote on who their officers will be. Officer positions range in state/regional/national levels, you can be an officer at any of those different levels. TSA likes to organize trips and market themselves to be able to do fun things (you can even make suggestions for the group’s travels and where to market if you join), making yet another reason why TSA is a good club choice.


Once a month the TSA club at MHS gathers in room 315 inside the school, where they talk about things like what/where/when they’ll participate in competitions like regional, state, and national level (you get a lot of 1 on 1 attention/help for projects). They also have service projects/fundraising projects like the American Cancer Society where they raise money to travel to competitions, create haunted houses (where the TSA members comes up with the themes and set up for the haunted houses/trails), paintball, and other activities. The type of competitions TSA competes in center around  Engineering, Problem Solving, Desktop Publishing, Fashion Design, 3D Animation, Animatronics, Video Game Design (see TSAweb.org for more information).

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