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The members of X-Ray Cat taken by Kiara Torrey

A new segment we’ve brought to the BlueXpress is an inside look on the local music scene in Winchester, VA. A variety of musicians from the area will be featured, starting with a band that’s a part of our staff, X-Ray Cat. This gives artists of diverse genres and experience the opportunity to break free from obscurity, and finds a community of music lovers that support each other. If you would like your band to be featured, please contact us at MHSBlueXpress@gmail.com.

X-Ray Cat

X-Ray Cat is a local punk band consisting of Laurel Biedrzycki on lead vocals, Collin Boyer on guitar, Dylan Boyer on Drums, and Luke Rangel on bass. Their music is heavily rooted in punk and some of their influences include The Misfits, Bikini Kill, and Bad Religion. In late May, Laurel sought a band and was introduced to Collin through a mutual friend at school. Finding other members was rather easy, as Collin is the younger brother of Dylan and Luke is a close acquaintance of the siblings. X-Ray Cat was officially together by early June. Despite this speedy union, their name was still up in the air. They went through many titles, even taking the name Happy Mistake, but were unable to be satisfied. Eventually, Dylan came up with X-Ray Cat while watching one of his favorite movies and it became their final name.

At this point, they only had covers to prepare them for their first show at the Bright Box in downtown Winchester. Once this show passed in late August, they took on original songs and started preparing for their upcoming show on October 14th at the Valley Cat. They currently have an Instagram page up @xraycatband.

About the Author

Laurel Biedrzycki
Laurel Biedrzycki is a junior at Millbrook High School who enjoys writing and angsty music. She sings for her punk band, X-Ray Cat and believes in aliens.