Logan Apple

Logan Apple, a junior, is going to the International Science Fair that is being held in Phoenix, Arizona this spring. In February of last year, Logan learned how to do sign language and got really interested in it. Over the summer, he was looking for an idea that could help solve some world problems, when he realized that there are no ASL to English translators currently present. He decided to construct a mobile-based ASL to English translator to aid in communication called Eyesight.

Apple said, “The processing to designing was time consuming and I spent a couple of months just on research and looking up what was needed to be done in order to create it for a Windows computer as a template or a base for what I was doing. Then, another month trying to convert it to the iPad and a few weeks afterwards getting ready for the Science Fair.” At the event, Apple was a bit nervous. “You’ve got the judges coming to see your work, so I just attempted to present the best that I could. I tried to persuade them that this (the project) is worthy of achieving first place.” The device now works on the iPad, iPhones, and Android phones.

Eyesight reads people’s hand movements and translates what they are saying into English. What Logan’s really looking forward to is working with the deaf students here at Millbrook, along with places such as the local medical facility. Apple’s best advice is to aspiring scientist and inventors is to “just get started and experiment with the programs, you never know what you will find.”     


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