Love in the Lunch Room

Sarah and Damien got engaged on February 3. Damien Smith proposed in the commons during 5B to longtime girlfriend Sarah Allder. The couple briefly met on the first day of sixth grade but they really didn’t have much interaction with each other. They officially met in eighth grade when she moved to concert band in September and they started talking in December of that year.

They have been dating for 3 years and a few days. The reason why he picked Friday and not Saturday was because he always wanted to propose to her during the school day. “I would have done it on our third year anniversary but we didn’t have school that day, so I decided on the second best thing,” stated Damien.

A year ago Damian started thinking about it. Sarah was curious and tried to guess what he was doing. She guessed that he was going to propose, but she didn’t know when, even though she knew that it was going to be during school. Several months ago Damien asked the BlueXpress to cover the proposal. After that, he asked his grandmother for a loan to get the ring. Everyone knew about it, but Sarah. When Damien proposed, Sarah felt like she was going to pass out. “I started to faze out with the snap of adrenaline. I didn’t know what was happening. I was like what are you doing?” stated Sarah.

What they are looking forward to is the wedding which will be June 25, 2018, the year they graduate. It will probably be very small. They are giving that date a positive connotation because it was the day that Sarah had her spine fused. The BlueXpress congratulates them and wishes them the best.
Article Written By Anica Moran and Emily Keller

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