M-Fit: Shredding Ab Workout

Everyone always has the image of the perfect six pack, especially since summer is getting closer and closer. Although it is an extreme challenge, you can eventually gain a set of abs, especially with dedication and hardwork.

This workout does not require any sort of gym equipment, as all of these can be done either at home or in the gym. All you will need is a timer and an able mind and you can conquer this ab routine.

You should perform each workout with as many reps as possible for thirty seconds to one minute. Here is the ab routine:

Sit-ups: 30 seconds-1 minute

Crunches: 30 seconds-1 minute

Bicycles: 30 seconds-1 minute

6-inch holds: 30 seconds-1 minute

Toe Touches: 30 seconds-1 minute

Rocky Sit-ups: 30 seconds-1 minute

Russian Twists: 30 seconds-1 minute

Planks: 30 seconds-1 minute

It is always possible to add more or less to the workout depending on how you feel during the routine and form is always important.

For beginners, it is recommended to start with only 30 seconds on each workout and possibly a slight break, whereas more advanced people can go the whole minute with little to no breaks.

Come back next week as M-Fit takes a look at a good cardio workout for those involved with weight loss.