Alexys Fleming, who goes by Lex, is a 22 year old American YouTuber. She was born on February 24th, 1993. Her YouTube channel is MadeYewLook, where she posts videos of her painting herself into something cute or crazy. Lex’s channel is a great channel to visit when trying to figure out a costume or to kill boredom, as she posts videos three times a week. Alexys first started on a Facebook page and then later made her channel in 2011.

Lex is a self-taught makeup artist, licensed cosmetologist, and a licensed esthetician. She started Cosmetology school during junior year of high school, and became a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician before the age of 19. Her love of makeup grew when she realized the skill could be used for movie purposes, to restore injures or to make someone feel beautiful.
Lex has her own line of makeup products including a vegan and cruelty free black eyeliner pen, called the Night Owl Precision Eyeliner Pen and sells for $18 on her website. Her line of makeup brushes are also cruelty free and made of synthetic hairs. Their price range from $9 to $12. There is a 10 piece makeup brush set that sells for $60. For more information on these products, visit

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