Manic Make-Over

Manic Make-Over


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Torie Miller received a full make-over. I did Torie’s make-up, curled and styled her hair, and provided all jewelry and clothing. Torie and I decided we would go for a more classy but casual look.

coutney final

For Courtney Sergile’s make-over, I used a series of light and deep browns from my “Naked 2” eye-shadow pallet to give her brown eyes some depth. I shaped her eye-brows to better fit with her almond shaped eyes and used “BrowDrama” eyebrow gel to sculpt them in an arched shape. I also used a forest green liquid eyeliner for contrast between her sandy brown hair. To complete Courtney’s look, I blended a rose colored shimmery lipstick with a cream golden one, and applied some rose pink blush along her cheek bones to create a soft finish.

final 2

These are Courtney’s eyebrows after I shaped them and applied the “BrowDrama” Eyebrow Gel.


This is the second look I did for Torie, which is more of a relaxed look but also very fashion forward. The make up, hair and clothing has been toned down to give it an “on the go” look.