Marketing Class’s New York City Trip 2016

Marketing Class’s New York City Trip 2016

Recently, the participants of Ms. Keeler’s Annual Marketing Class’s New York trip came back with many memories and experiences. The group of 41 stu

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Recently, the participants of Ms. Keeler’s Annual Marketing Class’s New York trip came back with many memories and experiences.

The group of 41 students had to travel about four-and-a-half hours by charter bus to get to New York City. “We did a lot,” Ms. Keeler said. “We did a tour of MetLife Stadium, then we went into the

The students visited the 9/11 Memorial.

city and went to top of the Rock–which is in Rockefeller Center–so the kids could get a view of all of New York. Then they had time for shopping, then we went to the Rockettes Christmas Show which is at Radio City Music Hall, we went to Macy’s, Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum, and they had some time in Times Square. We did a walking tour of Central Park, and then we went to the Broadway show ‘School of Rock…’ Then the next day we rode the boat out to the Statue of Liberty at Ellis Island, did a walking tour of the financial district, the

Lauren Blum met Mary Sciarrone from TLC’s “Cake Boss.”

9/11 Memorial, and then we went to Chinatown.” However, the trip was not completely recreational. “[The trip] was based around the curriculum of marketing [class],” said Ms. Keeler. “Like, at MetLife, they talked to us about how they market the events.”


That aspect of the trip certainly had an impact on junior Josie Outten, who said, “[The trip] makes me want to look at if I want to make a career out of living in New York. I just love the atmosphere, it’s always going, it’s always lit up, it’s always so bright, it’s living, it’s so pretty.” Junior Lauren Blum has gone to New York “maybe like ten times,” but this was her second time going on the Marketing class trip, and she said that she would like to live there in the future. “I love the area, and the feel, and the vibe of it. I just love the city.”

Though this was senior Isaiah Frye’s second time going on the trip, he said that he would not want to live in New York City in the future. “No, too many people, they’re not too friendly,” he said. Junior Bri Van Fossen agreed. “I don’t like the city, I mean, I like to visit but I couldn’t see myself living there.”

“I think they either love New York, or they hate it,” Ms. Keeler said. “I think they get a really good idea of how different city life is and how different New York is. We go to different sections–we’re in Midtown, then we’re in lower Manhattan, then we’re in Chinatown–and they’re all very, very different but all in the same city. So they get to see different cultures and the way the city works.”

Bri Van Fossen and friends.

Though he did not like the overcrowdedness of the city, Frye said that the trip “made me open my eyes up that there’s actually like a lot of people, different types of people.” Van Fossen said that the trip made her and her friends become much closer and Blum agreed. “Definitely gotten stronger friendships that I didn’t even know could be stronger,” Blum said. She added that she learned a lot about “the marketing aspect of it was really cool because Time Square [has] all the billboards and everything.”

Ms. Keeler’s favorite part of the trip was seeing “School of Rock,” which was based on the 2003 movie starring Jack Black and had music written by

Josie Outten’s favorite part was seeing the Christmas Tree.

Andrew Lloyd Webber. “Which was excellent. Probably one of the top three Broadway shows I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen like fourteen shows. Really, really good, the kids all loved it.” Blum agreed and said, “Oh my God, it was the best.”

However, she said that her favorite part was likely the shopping. Frye’s favorite part was walking around in Time Square, and Outten’s favorite part was getting to see the big Christmas tree. “It was really pretty,” she said. Van Fossen’s favorite part was going to Madam Tussaud’s Wax Museum. “I just liked the idea of it, just seeing all the celebrities,” she said.

This being her first time on the trip, Outten said that she would want to go again. “I had a lot of fun with my friends.”