Mary and Lily Sisler

Mary and Lily Sisler

Mary, a senior, and Lily, a freshmen, are a part of the Sisler family, which is well known for their long chain of siblings that have attended Millbro

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Mary, a senior, and Lily, a freshmen, are a part of the Sisler family, which is well known for their long chain of siblings that have attended Millbrook since it opened in 2003. According to the sisters, there has been a Sisler here every year. Both sisters were eager to speak about the fascinating topic of their impressively large family. Throughout the years, the family has gained quite some acknowledgement. In fact, while Lily was in the middle of explaining everyone’s place in the family, someone walked by and asked if she was a Sisler. She sighed and rolled her eyes with a chuckle, but then verified his deduction. This was clearly a repetitive occurrence. “I don’t even know that guy,” she said afterwards.

Mary Sisler

Living in a house with several family members is never easy. Both Lily and Mary had described the cramped lifestyle that of a chaotic mess; it was rarely peaceful in their home. “If my classrooms are crazy, I’m used to that because it’s at home, too,” the younger of the sisters stated, expressing the normalcy of pure disorder. Despite the fighting and bickering that inevitably occurs, there’s a type of unity that spurs from their close ties as well. Mary clarified that her eldest brothers no longer live with the tight family, but they were quite the mediators when they visited. “Whenever they’re around everyone’s on their best behavior, because they’re basically like our second dad,” she explained, “but when it’s just us girls at home, we’re constantly bickering.”

All together, there are eight siblings. Currently, five of them live at home, but their eldest sister is only staying briefly with her two children and boyfriend before they move into a new house. The new yet temporary addition (four people!) is not easy to organize – together, there’s the staggering sum of 10 people living together in one house. It’s not an easy arrangement by any means. The only person with their own bedroom is Mary, who explained that she needs space for her studies more than anyone else. Seven of the eight siblings have attended Millbrook, their older brothers going to Jameswood prior to Millbrook’s opening in 2003. The eighth has yet to come.

“We all have our moments, and we’ll all fight and do…you know, sibling stuff, but when we’re all done fighting, we all like to hang out and talk,” Lily admitted, revealing a brighter side of her home life. “We’ll have fires and talk about funny memories.” At the end of the day, they all had fun and enjoyed each other’s company. That’s what family is all about.

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