May vs Way

Throughout the last four years, Millbrook staff and students have been accustomed to the name McManaway, as in Austin McManaway. At the start of 2015, however, the school turned upside down with the addition of a new kid in town, yours truly, Ashley McManamay.

It can be traced back as far as 1847 that the McManamay’s and McManaway’s have been almost interchangeable until now. Rumor has it that the family originated from Scotland with the surname McManamay. In a heated dispute, much like the Hatfields and McCoys, the family split. The family was then divided in two. And with no more words to say, one side flipped the last ‘m’ to a ‘w’ and went on their McMana…way [pun intended].

Since the discovery of each other in the school, Ashley and Austin have become as close as brother and sister, though distant cousin seems more plausible. The administration continues to use the two names interchangeably through passes, awards, and even face to face. As seniors Austin McManaway and Ashley McManamay make their way toward graduation, both are anxious to see who will be called by the wrong last name during the ceremony on June 3, 2016.