Meet Anthony Castillo

Anthony Castillo is a freshman and describes himself as sarcastic. Unlike most teens, he is a morning person. He is the first to go to bed and is the first to wake up.  He enjoys playing video games on a daily basis. His favorite type of games to play are RPG games. Anthony wants to become a video game designer because he would like to make games to his liking. He has two siblings: an older sister and a younger brother.

Anthony has been having a pretty good first year. He appreciates how easy it is to navigate around the school. He likes that classes are separated by subjects. Anthony’s favorite teacher is Mr. Fairchild because he is nice and cool. His favorite class is World History because it’s the shortest and most of his friends are in the class.

About the Author

Sabrina Castillo
Sabrina is a Junior. She loves to listen to music and talking to her close friends.