Meet Carolynn Unger

Shy. Honest. Friendly. This is how Sophomore Carolynn Unger would describe herself. “I think a lot of people would agree on that,” she said.

Carolynn Unger, daughter of Ms. Unger, one of the guidance counselors here at Millbrook, was born and raised here in Winchester, Virginia. She really appreciates how her mother works at her school because she’s able to communicate to her teachers easier and she always has a ride to school.

Carolynn spends most of her time reading (she is currently reading Harry Potter for the first time), running, and singing. She calls running “a great stress relief,” but she doesn’t have the time to participate on the Track Team. She is a member of the Millbrook Choir, which she calls “really fun, because everyone is really accepting.” She also takes personal voice lessons outside of school and is participating in Drama Club as Harlot #2 in Little Shop of Horrors. She likes how the experience has given her the opportunity to expand her acting skills and explore territories that she hasn’t before. “Especially in that territory,” she remarked.

For Homecoming Week, Carolynn only has plans to dress up for Character Day on Friday, October 14. She will be costuming as Shrek. She is unsure what else she will do, especially for Tacky Tourist Tuesday. She does, however, already have her homecoming dress, which is navy blue two-piece dress. She said, “I got it in West Virginia at a bridal store called The Barn.”

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