Meet Coach Dawnette Jones

Coach Jones

Meet Coach Dawnette Jones. She’s been coaching at Millbrook since it opened in 2003. Jones cheered when she was in school and she very much enjoyed and loved her coaches. This is one of the reasons she decided to coach. Jones finds seeing the accomplishments of a student and being able to help them set/achieve that personal goal to be very rewarding and is her motivation to coach.

Jones loves competitions and seeing the girls’ athleticism and what the girls are capable of. She also loves the spirit part of cheerleading. Jones said that from things she’s experienced when she was a cheerleader where there was some sports she couldn’t play, she wants to be involved with other athletes and helping them as much as she can. Jones also wants to give people that extra energy. An example she uses is “When you’re running through a trail in the woods, and you’re getting tired, you start tripping on twigs and rocks and things like that, and you’re feeling down; but then you get to the clearing and people start cheering for you, and you suddenly get all this energy and happiness. I think that this is what cheerleading is, it then lets them draw all this energy from them and that’s what I wanted to do for the sports I couldn’t play.”

For any Millbrook student who has thought about cheerleading, here is some insight on the coach. While Jones has had kindergartners, she prefers high school students. This is because she said they’re more independent and have developed their own personalities. Jones said “If you want to be a cheerleader, than you need to realize that you need to be very outgoing and very energetic and be incredibly full of school spirit. Make sure you’re really interested in seeing your school athletes do well and really want them to feel accomplished.”

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