Meet Dr. Hare

Dr. Hare absolutely loves Millbrook! When he joined, he had been told Millbrook was an incredibly supportive environment, and he continues to support that statement. Dr. Hare even had some of the teachers that work here when he was in high school at James Wood! Believe it or not, while he has been living in Frederick County for some time, he actually moved here from New Orleans as a baby. Dr. Hare had gone to JMU as an undergraduate, and WVU for graduate school. So because of that, he lived in Harrisonburg and Morgantown for a while. Dr. Hare had obtained his PHD In Immunology and Microbial Pathogenesis. He knew, going into the subject, that it was Biology that he wanted to teach. Outside of school, Dr. Hare enjoys rock-climbing and kayaking. Before teaching here in Millbrook, he taught in West Virginia. Dr. Hare knows that he was destined for teaching, and it is what he wants to do for the rest of his career. 

About the Author

Collin Boyer
Collin Boyer is one of the coolest sophomores to ever exist. His main hobbies persist of playing guitar and sleeping.