Meet Emily Winans

Emily Winans is a sophomore at Millbrook. She has a favorite teacher that she absolutely loves, Ms. Bean. Emily said that Ms. Bean is a wonderful teacher because she helpful and she also tries to be creative when it comes to working. “Ms. Bean lets you do your own thing in class, she also wants to be there for any of her students.” Every time Emily steps into Ms. Bean’s class she feels free to be herself.

Emily enjoys playing softball and volleyball. She is outgoing, but also shy at the same time. Once people get to know her, she is very talkative. Emily is kind and loving and is always there for her friends. Emily enjoys being around her family, enjoys laughing with them and doing all kinds of activities with them. Emily said that her family is always traveling to new and different places.

About the Author

Ariel Payne
Ariel Payne loves to do photography, eat food, watch Netflix, and sleep.