Meet Jason Membreno

Jason Membreno is a junior at Millbrook. He is excited to leave school and go further in his education. He loves to have family time and he likes to talk with his family more than his friends. If he could be any age for a week he would like to be 25 because he is a party person. He is a very friendly person and if anyone needs anything he is always there to help. He loves all kinds of music except for country music. His favorite albums are Lemonade by Beyoncé, Dangerous Woman  by Ariana Grande and Views by Drake.

He is mostly the one that cheers people up more than being the one to be cheered up by others. He just recently turned 17 and for his birthday his parents flew in a few family members to come and celebrate. If he were to describe himself in three words he would say that he is annoying, clumsy and most definitely happy. One of his pet peeves are people not being real with him and just not communicating with him to solve any unsolved issues. His two favorite meals to eat are Chipotle and he loves his Grandmother and Mom’s homemade Pupusas. The one thing that he is afraid of seeing is his loved ones passing away. He prefers to live in the city rather than the country.

If he were to have a “perfect” day it would be that he would sleep in late on a Saturday until around noon, watch Netflix for most of it, then he would do his morning routine. His morning routine consists of washing his face, moisturizing his face and brushing his teeth and to take a morning shower. He would make himself breakfast. Then for the rest of the time, he would go shopping. He is a very adventurous guy and he loves to have fun.

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Daeshanelle Thomas
Daeshanelle loves photography and writing . In her free time, she plays softball and sleeps.