Meet Mitanshi Trivedi

Meet Mitanshi Trivedi

Junior Mitanshi Trivedi describes herself as ambitious, focused, and dramatic. “Oh, and very hungry,” she added. “I’m a hungry child. I’m always hungr

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Junior Mitanshi Trivedi describes herself as ambitious, focused, and dramatic. “Oh, and very hungry,” she added. “I’m a hungry child. I’m always hungry.”

Trivedi moved to New Jersey from India in third grade and moved to Winchester before her freshman year of high school. She originally went to New Jersey with her family to study for about 6 months, but when she went back to India she realized that she understood the school system and teaching styles of American schools more than Indian schools. She explained that in India the schools apply emphasis to memorization. “Just learn these 50 pages and you’ll pass an exam, you don’t have to apply logic to it.” She added, “I mean, I’m not against it—it’s the school’s way of doing it—but I like the system over here. So I decided to move over here permanently.” However, she also said that the Indian school system has a particular emphasis on math, which has prepared her to excel in high school, as she now takes AP Calculus BC as a junior.

“I always miss my friends a lot and the festivals,” Trivedi remarked as she listed some of her favorite Indian festivals. “The festival of colors, of lights, crackers, the kite festival.” She also particularly misses her friends because of how she has been in school with them for so long since the Indian school system does not separate students by ages like the American system of elementary, middle, and high school. “I was in the same school for 9-10 years,” she explained. She tries to keep in touch with her friends, but it’s difficult due to the 14 hour time difference. However, she is still involved in Indian classical dance, or Bharatanatyam, which she recently graduated from after 5 years of studying and received her certification to teach. To get her certification, she explained, she had to dance in front of a thousand people with a live orchestra. “I did [a] duet with my friend, and I danced for two hours,” she said. “That’s my biggest achievement until now. I’m extremely proud of it.” To achieve this, she had to practice for hours every day, from 7-10 in the morning and 8-9:30 in the evenings, and she even skipped school to go to practice while still living in India. “I had awesome memories during that time too.”

With these memories, Trivedi is also looking toward her future. She has hopes of attending Harvard, UVA, William & Mary, or the University of West Virginia and becoming a dermatologist. She said that she likes the lack of emergency situations and she hopes to help build people’s self confidence. “If people have makeup on, they can be confident,” she explained, and reasoned, “but if people look more beautiful naturally, then people get more confidence.” To get ready for this career, which she said could take her 11 to 12 years to achieve, she has joined HOSA, the new club at Millbrook dedicated to helping students interested in medical fields.

Trivedi has also joined the Leo and Key Club, as volunteering is an important part of her after-school life. She has volunteered at the Bowman Library—doing jobs ranging from unboxing, shelving, and cataloguing—and, most recently, at Winchester Medical Center—working in surgical administration, endoscopy, and in a neurodiagnostic lab. She worked there this past summer from 7-4. “And a benefit is I get free lunch,” she added. She said that she volunteers for a number of reasons. The first being that she wants to get the 100-hours of volunteering letter seal on her diploma when she graduates, but even now that she has fulfilled that 100 hours, she is continuing her work, as she called quitting after getting her seal “disrespectful.” She also wants to get more familiar with the medical field. “I want to get to know the surroundings, how they are.”

Trivedi is looking forward to trying new clubs and is hoping for academic success for the new school year.