Meet Mr.Furda

Meet Mr.Furda

Mr. Furda is the Economics, Personal Finance, and Education for Employment teacher and he teaches grades 9 through 12. To him the most rewarding part

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Mr. Furda is the Economics, Personal Finance, and Education for Employment teacher and he teaches grades 9 through 12. To him the most rewarding part of teaching is “getting the chance to work with the students and making them better today than they were yesterday. If I can do that, then I’m doing my job.”  Before he was a teacher, he was in banking for 30 years but he always wanted to be a teacher. “I just made a bad career choice when I graduated college and it took me 30 years to realize that I needed to do what I wanted to do. That’s why I talk about it in class all the time. Don’t waste as many years as I did. Find what you love and do it.” Even if Mr.Furda could retire tomorrow he would still teach.”I can’t picture retiring because I love what I do so much. If I do retire from Millbrook, then I would come back as a substitute teacher”

The historical event that Mr. Furda would like to witness is in 1963 when president Kennedy was assassinated. “Only because they have never been able to prove who did it and I would have loved to be one of the people trying to solve it.”His usually reads autobiographies and biographies, but he just started to get into a series that is a murder mystery. Mr. Furda hates the winter season because “I don’t like snow and ice. I don’t like shoveling snow and I have had too many near misses driving my car through bad weather on ice.” The season he likes the most would be fall because “you get away from the heat of the summer and it is football season.” Mr Furda’s favorite football team is the Pittsburg Steelers.

If he had to be named after a city or state or country, his name would be Liberty. “I think it would be neat to be named after something that we take for granted, like all the freedoms and liberties that we get everyday. It would be a constant reminder of what we take for granted.”

If he could spend the day with anyone dead or alive, it would be John Belushi. “He was a very good comedian and he was in some very off color funny movies when I was in college.” The reason  why Mr. Furda chose him is because “he had such a creative gift and he overdosed and I would like to know what made him get to that point in his life; he was famous, he was funny, he had fans, he had family, he had the money and he had all the things that we take for granted and yet he was addicted to drugs. We think that celebrities have such an easy life and their lives are so good, but sometimes it is not that way.”

His favorite holiday is Thanksgiving because “it’s a holiday before a holiday. We get some time off school and it’s enough of a teaser because we know that just around the corner is Christmas and we get even more time off.”

The best vacation he ever had was the first time he was ever in Florida. “I went to the beach and it sold me on moving there. We flew and as the plane was landing into Fort Myers, they went over the Gulf of Mexico. It was at night and there was a bridge that links the island to the mainland. The bridge and boats were all lit up. It was like one of those pictures when you look out the plainwood and you’re just amazed.” The best part about living in Florida to Mr. Furda is that it never snows and the worst is the hurricanes.